Episode 1 – What is Hello Careers?

In this first episode of our 8-part series, Mark Sylvester leads Dan Weeks and Michael Specchierla through an in-depth discussion of the apprenticeship model and the successes they have found in administering their program. By the end of this episode, you can determine if this type of program is right for you and your area.


Episode 2 – Hello Careers Program Overview

In this episode, we give you a detailed look at what it means to administer an apprenticeship program in your area by covering; the program structure, communicating to your target audience, screening for applicants, and what to look for along the way.


Episode 3 – What are the Benefits of Hello Careers?

What are the needs of the business community? How do you get business buy-in? How do you market the program? All of these questions and more are addressed in this episode. We discuss the benefits of the apprenticeship model, as well as avoiding major obstacles.


Episode 4 – The Hello Careers Customer – Partnering with the Business Community

As in any relationship, there will be hurdles in cultivating strong business partnerships. In this episode, we go in-depth on how to effectively find, partner and communicate with local business leaders, as well as avoiding and overcoming common pitfalls.


Episode 5 – How a Continuing Education Program Helps Hello Careers

Where there is a skills gap there is an education gap. In this episode, we discuss the role of education in the Hello Careers model. Specifically, working with local school districts to build a sustainable program by cutting through the bureaucracy and implementing best practices.


Episode 6 – Role of the Public Policy Sector in the Hello Careers Program

Any program of this magnitude will only be successful with the support of the public. Building relationships with public officials is critical. In this episode, we discuss the role of the public sector, how they fit into the apprenticeship model and how to garner support.


Episode 7 – Administration – Effectively Managing the Hello Careers Program

In this episode, we come down from the 30,000-foot view to discuss the nuts and bolts of administering an apprenticeship program and how the program can be replicated in your area. We cover everything from grant management, to developing state and local partners.


Episode 8 – What’s Next? The Future of Hello Careers

In this final episode of the series, we talk about the Big Picture. Discussing everything from best practices and lessons learned, to envisioning the future of apprenticeship programs and creating sustainability.


Episode 9 – Listening to our Partners, Guest: Ty Safreno, CEO & CTO, Trust Automation

Recording Sound Engineer: Anthony Nunez
Post Production Sound Editing: Giovanni Espinoza

Episode 10 – Why Coding Bootcamps. Guest: Dean Mitchell, Lead Developer, StreamGuys

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Episode 11 – How to Partner with Us. Guest: Peter Kardel, Co-Founder, Clever Ducks

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Episode 12 – Central Coast Voices: How to Choose Your “Ticket Into Tech”